Where can you find company information online?

Sometimes it is hard to find company information on the internet. In United Kingdom, all companies are listed in Companies House. But their company search enging is not very comfortable to use. It is very compex, and for beginners, it is too hard to find a company.

Also, it allows search queries only by company number or name. If you need to find all companies with a certain director or a certain secretary, you are lost and cannot use the Companies House services.

But don’t worry, there are companies that are specialised in providing company information online. One of these is Limited-Register, a free UK Trade Register. It is structured like a trade directory or business register, and it combines the advantages of a commercial register with the advantages of a business directory.

It contains all information that is listed at Companies House and combines it with information from various business directories like telephone number, fax number, email address, website etc.

With this directory, you can find all company information with one click. You do not need to learn how to deal with the Companies House search engine, and you don’t need to bother the Google serch engine with senseless searches. Beware of just googling a company, you never know where you end up and you will be lost with senseless information. Furthermore, you don’t know whom you can trust. Can you trust a foreign business directory? You don’t know, and we don’t know either

Therefore, we recommend to only use local UK business directories to find UK company data. Only rely on trustworthy sources, and never believe what you read. You should always doublecheck the information you get.

Some of the online trade directories allow to download a PDF file directly from Companies House. With this file, you have the guarantee that all information you obtain is correct and validated. Do not trust in self-made PDFs that are sometimes sold for a lot of money!

For what do you need company information? It is necessary to know whom you are dealing with. Do not let your business partnets hide behind some private limited company. At least you have to know the name of the director and the secretary. Know whom you are doing business with!

Sometimes some company owes you money, and you do not know the details. In this case, it is good to know the personal details of the director. Where does he live? How old is he?

It is sometimes interesting to find out what companies your neighbour, your ex-wife or your son. It is easy to spy on your friends, and, the best thing: It is legal. Everybody does it. Don’t believe that nobody is interested in your companies and your directorships. Everybody will be interested, and with free trade directory websites, this data is easy to access.

Is this company dissolved?

Sometimes you need to know if a private limited company (Ltd.) is dissolved or not. Some companies even got dissolved without the knowledge of the director because he has failed to compy with the obligations of Companies House.

The easiest and most convenient way to find out about a company is to use a trade register website. On these websites, you can download all information about a British company that is registered at Companies House. That includes the status of the company. If the status is “dissolved”, the company does not exist any more.

Why should I use a private trade register?

If you are looking for company information on the internet, there are 2 options: You can use the website of Companies House, the official register of companies for the UK. This register is structured like in every other country in the European Union, and it has been set up under EU laws.

But: The website of Companies House does not contain all the necessary information for a deep company research. In fact, you can find the basic company details such as the name, the registered address and the officers there – but some important information is missing: You cannot find anything on the solvency of the company. You could try to understand the UKGAAP financial reports that are published on the Companies House website, but anyone who cannot understand these reports is lost.

For this reason, it is recommended to use private trade registers to lookup information about British companies. This is also a very good solution for non-British nationals because the private limited company by shares (Ltd.) has become widespread over Europe, because it is easy to found and it does only require a minimum share capital of 1 GBP, instead of 25,000 Euros in Germany, e.g.

There registers use multiple sources and combine the information to paint a complete picture of the company.

What information can I find about a Ltd. company?

A private limited company by shares (Limited / Ltd.) is listed at Companies House, the British register of companies. Every company, even if it is already dissolved, is listed there. You can download a free excerpt from Companies House, and you can search the Companies House records for free.

In the records, you will find information about the incorporation of the company: When has it been incorporated? Who was the founder? Who is the director? Who are the initial shareholders?
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How to find company information on the internet

Sometimes you need to know who the owner of a company is, or who the director is. This is often necessary if the company has debts. Also, if you want to invest in a company or a business, it is essential to know the details of the company.
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